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Sun Life Financial, Inc. is a Canadian financial services company; it is primarily known as a life insurance company. It is one of the largest life insurance companies in the world; it is also one of the oldest, with a history spanning back to 1865.

A former Member Support Specialist shares some thoughts about working for Sun Life Financial, Inc. in a review posted by INDEED: "Would never work there again. This job was very stressful. Training was all over the place. I felt comfortable with my customer service but not with the systems. We had to install and program our own computers. Not all of the needed systems worked properly. Some of the team leads were really nice but if you ask them to explain something... Good luck getting an answer. My supervisor was very nice but I could tell she was under a lot of pressure."


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Former Employee - Dental Claims says

"Everything you want to sit on the phone all day and get yelled at. Or talk to people from India for 4 hours go for it."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible management in the Small Business Center the two managers are the worst in the industry. Arrogant. Uneducated . Selfish."

Former Employee - Claims Manager says

"Worst company i have ever worked for... Nothing good to say about the politics, treatment of employees, management has no idea how to manage. HR dept and management retaliation."

Former Employee - Short Term Disability Case Manager says

"Overworked Micromanagement Unrealistic Expectations Monthly scorecard is inaccurate. Oftentimes, you are penalized for working on other people's work who are behind as it reflects poorly on your scorecard come the end of the month--the system cannot distinguish between your work and the work of others. Metrics are deeply flawed and should not be used come time for compensation increases. Morale is very low. Turnover is very high. Expectations are unrealistic. Managers are either incompetent and micromanage or incompetent and let their employees do whatever they want. There is rampant favoritisim and inequality. They hire classes of Case Specialists four times per year the turnover is so high. Everyone in the department, including those who have been there for years, hate it. This is not an exaggeration; literally everyone hates this job and department. Period. Not a single individual has a positive thing to say. This is a very disorganized group benefits business seemingly in its infancy as it lacks the technological capabilities, training, and managerial staff to retain talent and maintain morale. This may seem like an appealing position for an entry level young professional, but I cannot emphasize enough how terrible this will be for you. Please look elsewhere."

Former Employee - Claims-short Term Disability says

"The worst worst managers in the Short Term Disability claims department in Scarborough Maine. So unfriendly, and they make their employees cry and feel worthless even though they work so so hard. Micromanaging to the extreme . would come into emails daily like "I watched the numbers like a hawk yesterday and can you tell me what you spent most of your time on, because your production is not where it should be for someone who worked 8 hours " the worst place I've ever worked and I know a lot of people who left the Sunlife in the Short term disability department after a very short amount of time after starting the job due to abuse. We all complained to HR. I hope it made a difference for some of the people who haven't been able to find another job yet."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management VERY passive aggressive. Assures to face and then back stabs. Emails other management constantly, back and forth, However, never directly addresses the employee."

Former Employee - Marketing Product Manager says

"Terrible compensation package Extreme amount of changes from direct and upper management Lack of promotion and professional growth. Undergraduates have a better chance to advance their careers faster than those with real world experience. Morale is extremely low - even the cafeteria used to be great"

Former Employee - Short Term Disabilities Claims Associate says

"Work Load is too much for the claims examiners. Management consistantly makes employees feel worthless. If you do not complete the work they want or if you ask for help. Management will find a reason to write you up. Management leaves on time while the employees are forced to stay and complete claims."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"The company's larger corporate organization in Canada is extremely stable and consistent. However, the US organization has seen a great deal of uncertainty, strategic direction shifts, and reductions in business lines over the past several years. Future direction and stability in the US is extremely uncertain, and clear communication from senior management is non-existent. The US organization thrives on form over substance, and opportunities do not exist for hard-working, honest, and talented employees. The most talented team members are singled-out and minimized by managers that do not understand the subject matter or responsibilities of the teams they are managing. Who you know is definitely more important than what you know. Hence all the other reviews here describing that the most talented people leave. (this is absolutely accurate) If you're looking for punching the clock and low demands on your time and skills, this might be a great fit. But if you're looking for challenging and rewarding work, Sun Life might not be the place for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Awful morale. They tend to keep people around who are terrible employees because they are afraid of getting rid of them. In all my years, I have never seen an environment where people could basically get away with anything and not have consequences. Everyone walks around expecting the place to be closed at any time. Horrible brand recognition where "no one still knows your name." No opportunity at all for advancement."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They treat employees like a number and don’t care for their mental health, they put the customer above the employee, they don’t care how the customer treats employees.NoneStressful job"

Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The management promised great commissions & bonuses but never delivered. Sun Life does NOT care about its clients but does care about its bottom line. There is no management support for advisors, support staff or training. If this was ever a good company for either staff or clients it is no longer. I would never buy any insurance or invest any money with this company.Well known namePoor management, poor pay structure, focussed on becoming more corporate over client success"

Senior Administrator (Former Employee) says

"SLF tries to see itself as a competitive company with good pay and rewards it’s employees. From my experience they will make you work on so many projects that doesn’t seem to fit your job description. They will give you projects that belong to other employees and when you’ve accomplished the tasks that has never been done before, and you train all colleagues, you are not recognized for it. Instead the employees whom you’ve trained reaps the reward of your training and they get promoted. All high severity issues are handed to me as the team are unable to do it. This company will take you for all you’ve got and they will not appreciate it. SLF hires junior level employees to save money.Work from home on ocassionRecognition and poor management"

Senior Database Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Bad experience working in pushing environment as a consultant but done some good work there. I never recommend anyone to work there. If anyone will start working there he will be out sooner or later from there. Main reason is the culture is not very good, its push push and only push environment. They teat people like prosno cons"

Pension Analyst (Former Employee) says

"best worst company ever, never work for them management wise it is bull chit do not waste your time your efforts will not be recongnized thanks find a better place"

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"SunLife has failed advisors training new ones. Management is a clique of the Regional Vice President that know you will fail and all they want is to get 70-90 new clients for them."

Financial Advisor LLQP (Former Employee) says

"do or die survival is not based on anything but numbers crunch and go chase ambulance get it done need to sell to eat and tough outlet to make a living if you have a family good for a your person starting out with no expenses"

Senior Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Do not work here if you want some peace of mind. Management is selfish and works on favouritism. people are not given a scope to learn. People are insulted and looked down upon. No work life balance or work from home. Very stressful environment to work with."

Adjointe à la gestion des paiements (Former Employee) says

"They are pretentious and not understanding. They do not care for employees mental health and many employees actually go on short-term leave and/or long-term leave."

Scanner Operator / Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"I was not a good fit for a corporate business environment. Stressful environment. I am much better suited for my current role. And am very happy to be out of SunlifeCafeteriaStress, poor management"

Graphic/Forms Designer (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. No spirit or compassion from manager and workplace very dreary. Not a healthy environment to work in. Constantly belittled by manager to the point of making me ill.None.Damaging to self-esteem."

Conseillère en sécurité financière (Former Employee) says

"Travail à commissions seulement, je ne veux plus évoluer dans ce type d'emploi"

Telephonic Intake Representative (Former Employee) says

"I did not like working for this company and do not care to give any kind of review. I wasn't there long enough and found that that line of work was not something I was interested in."

Workflow Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"No room for advancement all the older people in the company are holding onto their position tightly. Pay is not enough for cost of living in our area and if you start as a temp. when you get hired on they decrease your pay. I do not suggest working for this company."

Director (Former Employee) says

"I was shocked when I first came to this company. Lack of training. Sales managers, advisors’ lack of training and knowledge on products. I don’t trust any financial advisor in this company. They just sell what they want to sell you. Terrible culture. Management team has been changed couple times within the last few years."

Interviewer (Former Employee) says

"This company is also, not a financially stable firm, so I just work for around two months, but I learnt the way to conduct questionnaire in street with strangers which is a valuable experience to me"

digital mail (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for , worst department to work for ! the managers are lacking intelligence! they give the better workers more work while not being able to manage their lazy workers who come in late or who dont hit their quota's! They expect you to do overtime which is fine but they do not value you as an employee. They have favoritism so when it comes down to raises & bonus they favor who they like rather then who works the hardest! I have worked for this company for over two years and let me tell you everybody is miserable at their job! Mail services and Digital Mail are the same department. cocky management and no attention to detail and cant keep the department in order!! good lucknoneeverything above"

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Don't work for Sun Life Financial. They are a bunch of scammers. They charged you even for the air that you breath. They use the excuse of levels for not to pay you! I just quit after a year. They even charge you if a client cancels. They charge you for 10 years if you remain in the company, they charge you for office space, coffee, photocopies, Fax, your training. The government should look after these scammers! Even their president just Quitted!Long hours, no pay, no benefits"

Customer Contact Centre Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible workload. Incompetent Management. Everyone in the department is stressed and can't wait to find something better. Worst work culture I have ever experiencedNoneEverything"

Pensions Administrator (Former Employee) says

"• Companywide Event planning, design and production while managing all project delivery elements within time limits • In charge of the department’s day-to-day functions as well as supervising and supporting the administrative staff • Plan and coordinate administrative procedures and systems and devise ways to streamline processes • Ensure the smooth and adequate flow of information within the company to facilitate other business operations • Delegating roles and responsibilities to a team of 5 Administration Assistants • Working closely with" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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